Green Like Your Barf on Sunday:

March 2013


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One Response to Green Like Your Barf on Sunday:

  1. M.Houda says:

    Response to Laura, Sonia and John-Page 4.
    I can understand the difficulties you run into with regard the refurbishment work in building 13. Especially when we are new students. This is the 2ed year I have been in Mirail. Last year I have met some difficulties as well but it was no refurbishment work. For example sometimes I had to run from the building 31 to the 13 one, to avoid being late, now with the extending of the UFR, there is no more issue like that. Also into some building 13 rooms was a puddles on the ground. So you can imagine how the courses conditions were during the winter! The 13 building had to be refurbished.
    When I saw the first time the I was really happy to discovered a such nice, modern and pleasant building
    I think the Mirail put a lot of efforts to ensure to the students’ good studying conditions …For example the RU, UFR, BU… Such nice, modern and pleasant buildings!
    We have to be patient-One cannot have everything all at once.

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