The Mariner Sets Sail

The Mariner sets sail...

The Mariner is finally in print!

After months of long delays, postponements, threats, confusion on the part of our professional printer, and our own general thumb-twirling, we’ve finally received a beautiful 100 copies of the first issue of The Mariner! Never mind that there’s no one around to read it, that the printer gave us margins you could drive a car down, or that it’s filled with more errors than La DépêcheWe’re in print!!!

Over the next few days, we’ll try to post the major articles on this site, for the benefit of our patient public. We’re also uploading the pdf file so you can see what it looks like. We’ll be curious to hear what you think. Especially if you think you can do better. Or if you want to help.

Many thanks to those that have submitted work, contributed time or ideas, or otherwise helped the cause. Keep up the good work.

And of course, if you see us around town, whether at the bar or on the river, ask for your very own printed copy. They’re going fast, but we still have a few left. Who knows what one of these will be worth one day…

We’re The Mariner, dammit. And we’re in print.


About The Mariner

The Mirail's Worst English Newspaper
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